Aggiornamento - Softbeton

We guarantee updates of a functional nature, of a technological nature (new versions of the operating system or of the basic applications) or of a regulatory nature regarding the programs activated according to the conditions set out below:

Subject of the update.

The Customer will have the right to receive free updates relating to the programs described in the Catalog which, during the period covered by the contract, should be prepared by SOFTBETON or its Suppliers.

Update definition.

Updates are understood as general changes (new versions) made by SOFTBETON or its Suppliers in order to make the programs constantly current. Updates are intended, where necessary, including any material supports.

Method of updating.

Our staff reserves the right to evaluate on a case-by-case basis how to make the updates (publication on the website, sending of magnetic media, remote control of the Customer’s equipment or intervention at the Customer’s premises).

Particular requests.

As for the changes to the programs of a personal nature, these cannot fall under the heading “update” and will be evaluated by SOFTBETON which, at its sole discretion, may declare itself available or not to develop such changes, evaluating their effective validity and convenience.