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A whole range of programs ranging from the technical area to the management area.

These are specific, integrated, complete, tested, assisted and continuously updated programs.

IDMcad studio 2020

(Industry design and management) is a software for design especially dedicated to manufacturing companies and technical offices operating in the mechanical and construction sector.
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Softbeton - Prefab Gestionale

Prefab Gestionale

True to own ERP for the prefabrication sector in reinforced concrete

Equipped with a series of integrated and dedicated modules.

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Softbeton - Prefab Offerte

Prefab Offerte

Module dedicated to the sales office for the realization of offers. It combines the prerogatives of three different programs: database, spreadsheet, word processor.
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Prefab Esecutivi

Module dedicated to the technical office for the THREE-DIMENSIONAL EXECUTIVE design of the individual prefabricated buildings in reinforced concrete. (processing cards).
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