Why Softbeton?

Small and medium-sized companies must face many of the challenges which compare the big multinationals. They must remain competitive in a very selective market, maintain turnover and margins, reduce costs, all of this without compromising the quality of products and services, and must react quickly to changing market conditions, improve external and internal collaboration, meet the request from demanding customers and conform with the proliferation of laws and rules. In short , they must operate with ever greater efficiency to maintain profit which remains the only true engine of the business. Considering that the resources they need (raw materials, equipment, workers, etc.) can be acquired by all in the same measure, quality and cost, to remain competitive companies must continuously improve their organization. This goal can be achieved by implementing a corporate information system that manages the best possible management of business processes. A system that combines with the company organization and the operating procedures of the staff responsible for its use. SOFTBETON makes available to companies operating in the precast concrete sector a system with similar characteristics, with an extraordinary commercial system. Furthermore, SOFTBETON offers a whole series of indispensable services so that the company derives the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time from the use of its solutions. Our goal is not to produce “nice programs” which have no practical feedback, but to solve the problems of our customers with the aid of information technology.

The Society

For more than 20 years, we have been developing a complete range of programs for companies in the precast concrete sector. But we are not mere programmers, we are “front line” informatic consultants.


A whole range of programs ranging from the technical area to the management area.. Niche programs, based on specific skills that cannot be found in widely distributed solutions, able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers. These are specific, integrated, complete, tested, assisted and continuously updated programs.


Our services are the natural complement to our programs. They, and only they, guarantee the achievement of the goals set by the client: training, personalization and, above all, technical, managerial consultancy

The Trading System

In addition to the “traditional “ purchase of products and services, it is possible to take out an annual subscription which entitles you to: use every program in the catalog (with the exception of IDMCAD STUDIO) in every workplace, assistance and functional, technological or regulatory updates. In this way, the complete solution can be put into action immediately at a fraction of the cost