Prefab Gestionale



It’s so simple that you feel like you’ve been using it forever. All Prefab modules have a state-of-the-art user interface that minimizes learning times and makes every operation intuitive and fast.


Tools to organize work, collaborate and save time. Managing and sharing information, data, activities in a faster and more productive way.


A set of applications that grow with you, reliable, integrated and customizable. All modules, even those based on AUTOCAD, are created with the best technology, are natively compatible and communicate in a perfectly integrated way.


With PREFAB, SOFTBETON’s ERP software surpasses itself to offer small, medium and large companies the best management platform ever.

  • The most complete: it covers all the main business processes in a “vertical” way.

  • The simplest: simple to configure and simple to use and customize, even in the most complex situations.

  • The most open: it makes processes and above all people talk to each other, with a single common database.

Real ERP for the prefabrication sector in reinforced concrete Equipped with a series of integrated and dedicated modules:

– to the Commercial Office for determining the costs and prices of products through the bill of materials,

– to the sales office for the realization of offers and contracts, – to the Technical Office, for the loading of production and the unloading of the components of the bill of materials in the various production phases,

– to the Purchasing Office for the management of internal purchase requests and Orders to Suppliers,

– to the Production Office for the optimization of formworks in the short, medium and long term as well as for the unloading of production,

– to the Shipping Office for the creation of loading plans and the issue of DDT,

– to the Warehouse Office for the management of infinite quantity / value warehouses,

– to the Administration Office for the creation of job order processing sheets,

– To the Management for analytical accounting by order, by cost center, by activity, etc.

Office Activities
Issues purchase requests to Suppliers (warehouse items and specific costs of the Order)
Issues orders to Suppliers
Process the purchase lists
Check the correspondence between ordered and supplied / executed (warehouse items)
Enter the specific costs of the order
Process the warehouse prints (inventory, journal, warehouse cards and job order processing card)
Check the correspondence between ordered and supplied / executed (specific order costs). Issues SAL Suppliers
Manages the activities of the Order
Process the statistics relating to the order (economic framework and more)
Draw up the assembly plan
Issues loading orders
Issues storage orders
Issues internal DDT (internal deposit unloading / site loading)
Manages warehouse loads (from supplier delivery notes and picking coupons)
Performs the periodic inventory
Adjust inventory movements with inventory data
Plan long-term production
Plan production in the short term
Process the needs of production factors (from stock)
Process the needs of production factors (to be ordered)
Issues production and work orders
Print the tags to apply to the products
It detects the actual consumption of production factors (raw materials and semi-finished products) and adjusts the bill of materials
Detect actual manpower for formwork and adjust the bill of materials
It manages the warehouse unloading of raw materials and semi-finished products and the loading of finished products
Process production statistics
Check the list of documents and other practices related to the order
Elaborate the executive project (technical sheets for production)
Create actual BOM (per lot) with theoretical quantities
Process the standard bill of materials for the products in the price list
Process sales lists
Process cost estimates and order confirmations to customers